Christopher Ryan Laughter

Writer / Director

writer / DIRECTOR

I love the art of cinema. I love it’s ability to share the memory of a moment, to aid in conveyance of perspectives, and to expand our potential to empathize and sympathize.

I am living a life that is rich with scenarios, personalities, adventures, struggles, over-comings and failures from which I am grateful to pull from when creating, guiding and empathizing with characters in a scene. I ask a lot of questions and do a lot of work to process the answers so that the data may authentically inform my choices.

My work as a filmmaker is inherently rooted in the communication of these things outwardly in a way that is palatable by others. I don’t always write and direct, but when I do it’s usually powered from a vulnerable place. Thoughtfulness in this effort as a service in both directions is required.

People who hire me often to direct: Agencies, Businesses, Creative Directors, Marketing Directors, Studios and Producers.

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